Stadtentwässerung Dresden - Ternopil Vodokanal and Nadvirna Vodokanal

The project participants

International partners

Nadvirna Vodokanal

The municipal enterprise Nadvirnavodokanal is responsible for the drinking water supply and wastewater disposal of the town of Nadvirna and the surrounding villages with about 21,000 inhabitants and four industrial enterprises. The company employs 12 people. Its tasks include a 30 km long canal network, five pumping stations and the central sewage treatment plant, which belongs to the local oil processing company. Nadvirnavodokanal is planning to build a new wastewater treatment plant (required investment about UAH 234 million), modernise the water supply system and optimise sludge treatment. The company has prepared the planning documents for the construction of the sewage treatment plant and wants to train and prepare its employees for the future tasks.


Ternopil Vodokanal

The municipal enterprise supplies the inhabitants of the city of Ternopil and four neighbouring villages with approx. 240,000 inhabitants and 4,000 businesses and organisations with drinking water and takes care of wastewater disposal. The company employs about 500 people and operates a water network of about 400 km and a wastewater network of 300 km, two water intake points, eight wastewater pumping stations and the central wastewater treatment plant. The company is planning the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant, the modernisation of the networks and the infrastructure. To this end, it is actively working with water associations and international financial institutions, e.g. World Bank, which are promoting the company.



Ukrvodokanalekologiya, as the largest association of water companies in Ukraine, supports the transfer of knowledge from leading German water companies to Ukrainian water companies. It also accompanies Ukrainian water companies in operational and organisational changes that lead to more sustainability and efficiency of the water sector in Ukraine. Ukrvodokanalekologiya is ready to support the project and act as a multiplier to make the project results available to other Ukrainian municipal companies.  Ultimately, improvements will be achieved for the entire Ukrainian water sector.

Lead partner

Stadtentwässerung Dresden

Stadtentwässerung Dresden GmbH provides wastewater collection, drainage and treatment services as well as conducting environmental analyses and planning and constructing wastewater infrastructure. The company serves around 670,000 customers in eastern Saxony. With some 400 employees, annual turnover of EUR 85 million and an annual investment budget of around EUR 30 million, it is one of the largest utilities in the sector.


Participating partners


GELSENWASSER AG is a diverse infrastructure company for water supply, wastewater management, electricity and gas supplies and off-grid power generation. The public listed company with over 5,500 employees in the group is one of Germany’s largest water utilities. The water works in Haltern is one of the largest in Europe.

The Project

Project objectives

The project has now been ongoing for a year, and we have gained substantial insights into the condition and working practices of one water utility in Ukraine. Based on this and the joint discussions with all project participants, it is clear that the challenges facing Ukrainian water and sanitation utilities are basically similar. Joint solutions need to be found to a range of problems, for example in the areas of cost-covering tariffs, needs-based HR management including the recruitment of trainees/junior staff and staff training, outreach work and leakage reduction. In order to draw up, implement and monitor sustainable solutions, it will be necessary to establish an effective network between the utilities on the Ukrainian side, including the Ukrovodokanalekologyja association, which is the interface to the political authorities. To achieve these objectives, it is essential to leverage possible synergy effects.

The expansion of the existing utility partnership with Lvivvodokanal through the addition of the Ternopil and Nadvirna water utilities is fundamentally in line with the principle of neighbourly assistance, and will support a sustainable water management strategy for small and medium-sized municipal utilities in western Ukraine. Synergies in the sharing of knowledge and lessons learned, for example through advisory services, workshops and training, are a core component of the utility partnership and are largely determined by Ukrainian needs.

This forward-looking construct is intended as the cornerstone of a projected utility network of regional water utilities in (western) Ukraine, the aim of which is to significantly improve water supply and sanitation management. Initially, the Ukrainian partners will function as multipliers for other actors in the water supply and sanitation sector in Ukraine. In future, they should be capable of contributing beyond the framework of this project.


 The objective of this project proposal is to significantly improve the use of the existing water sector infrastructure. The structural quality of the existing facilities at the two municipal utilities will be assessed in an inventory. This will bring to light deficits, analyse causes and effects, and serve as a basis for identifying possible improvements. Given the similarity of the underlying legal and social conditions, we expect the operational challenges faced by other plants to be similar to those encountered in Lvivvodokanal. Accordingly, it should be possible to make optimal use of synergies when developing solutions.

Furthermore, tried-and-tested engineering and business administration standards from Germany will be adapted to the conditions in Ukraine and best-practice solutions developed. The municipal representatives will thus have an opportunity to gain their own experience and build their own implementation strategies. The project will actively involve the participants in project design and the strategic planning of follow-on measures. For example, in the area of water supply, investment in metered water flow is planned in a selected street.

The desired partnership will also help raise awareness of ecological and environmental topics. Through outreach activities, the adult population and children/school students will learn about the responsible use of water as a valuable resource. The school laboratory at Stadtentwässerung Dresden GmbH (SEDD) will also make a valuable contribution here.

 Agreement was reached on the following activity areas:

  • Outreach work (SEDD)

The importance of an effective water-supply and sanitation utility and the work it performs will be highlighted in order to increase public appreciation and acceptance of an appropriate tariff structure. The aim is to work with educational institutions to promote the idea of a school laboratory, and then create one and demonstrate effective work by school students.

  • Optimise the provision of water (GW)

Improve water metering for consumers, reduce water losses and establish a zonal billing system in water supply networks (test area). Also collect and analyse data in order to generate lessons learned.

  • Modelling an improved sanitation system (SEDD)

Treatment and recycling of sewage sludge (including power generation), replacement investments in the sewerage system, eradication of odour problems

  • Association work

Draw up a comprehensive training programme for scaling up in Ukraine; establish the idea of a ‘national vocational skills competition’

Support and implement the competition and recruit a WorldSkills expert or an expert in wastewater technology, build and equip a training centre

 The next steps/activities

  • Kick-off event with all partners (Lvivvodokanal, Ternopilvodokal, Nadvirnavodokanal, Ukrovodokanalekologya association, Stadtentwässerungsbetriebe Köln, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, Gelsenwasser AG, Stadtentwässerung Dresden) on 9 February 2022
  • Strategy meeting for 2022
  • Presentation of the work status of each working group in the current partnership
  • Expansion and integration of the new working groups in line with the thematic activity areas
  • As part of the Dresden Wastewater Conference 2022 at the end of April, we would like to invite Ukrainian colleagues to Germany (including Berlin, Cologne and Dresden)
  • Network meeting and visit to IFAT at the end of May/beginning of June, once again with a Ukrainian delegation in Germany
  • German colleagues from the respective working groups seek to arrange individual return visits to Ukraine in the summer months
  • Procurement of the necessary equipment and delivery to Ukraine

Project profile

Project partners


Nadvirna Vodokanal, Nadvirna,
Ternopil Vodokanal, Ternopil, Ukraine



Stadtentwässerung Dresden (Lead-Partner)

Gelsenwasser AG

Key thematic areas

Improving the existing water sector infrastructure

Raising awareness of ecological and environmental topics.

Association work