Our partnerships









OOWV – Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality

Germany - South Africa

Know-how transfer between North and South

Stadtentwässerung Dresden – Lvivvodokanal

Germany – Ukraine

Know-how transfer between West and East

German-Ukrainian utility partnership values dialogue between experts.

Stadtentwässerung Dresden - Ternopil Vodokanal and Nadvirna Vodokanal

Germany – Ukraine

Know-how transfer between West and East

HAMBURG WASSER – Miyahuna LLC Water Company

Germany – Jordan

Plant visits via video conferencing

German-Jordanian utility partnership gets going with an online meeting.

GELSENWASSER – Lukanga Water Supply & Sanitation Company

Germany – Zambia

Start small and achieve rapid results

Utility partnership with Zambia starts with a pilot project on an area of one square kilometre.


Hamburg Wasser – KASHWASA and KUWASA

Germany – Tanzania

Capacity development on all aspects relating to drinking water supply

German-Tanzanian operator partnership signed and about to start.