Our offer

Utility platform for strengthening partnerships of municipal utilities worldwide

Three partnerships are being supported in the pilot phase: Stadtentwässerung Dresden (Germany) – Lvivvodokanal (Ukraine), Hamburg Wasser (Germany) – Miyahuna (Jordan), Gelsenwasser (Germany) – Lukanga WSC (Zambia). Three more partnerships were concluded at the end of 2021, and one more is currently being planned.

What we offer:

  • Advice on engagement for development and on work in partnerships with municipal utilities in the Global South
  • Support in establishing and implementing partnerships between municipal utilities
  • Opportunities for networking and sharing lessons learned
  • Training for the participating municipal enterprises
  • Advice on grant agreements for project implementation
  • Support with project proposals
  • Recruitment of interested municipal enterprises for a possible follow-on phase of the project


Who do our services target?

Our services address all German and international municipal enterprises from the Global South that are interested in implementing a project partnership together.

Under “Publications” you will find further information, including reports and policy resolutions on development engagement by municipal enterprises, and publications on water and municipal partnerships.



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