First Fact-Finding Mission to Jordan

Specification of work packages between Miyahuna, HAMBURG WASSER and hanseWasser in Amman

Exchange of experts at the Zai waterworks

In the partnership between Miyahuna, HAMBURG WASSER and hanseWasser, various work packages in the areas of drinking water treatment, wastewater and sludge treatment, and water quality and indicator systems, have been jointly defined in Amman.

From 16 to 21 October 2021, HAMBURG WASSER employees visited their partner utility Miyahuna in Amman. After the initial discussions on future cooperation had to take place online due to the coronavirus pandemic, everyone involved was especially pleased that they were now be able to get to know each other in person.

As well as holding meetings focussing on various technical issues, the visitors toured some of the Jordanian utility's technical facilities. This included visits to the largest waterworks in Miyahuna (Zai), two different wastewater treatment plants, the laboratory and the SCADA unit. At the Zai waterworks, the German water treatment expert Dr. Czekalla was able to make initial suggestions for optimising the treatment process based on jointly conducted laboratory tests.

The two sides plan to continue building on this successful outcome in the coming months. The partners defined concrete next steps for cooperation in the field of drinking water treatment. Initially, they will discuss the progress of these activities in regular online meetings. For the work package wastewater and sludge treatment, in which hanseWasser is the lead partner, a kick-off is planned in November. Furthermore, staff from Miyahuna will be offered opportunities for job shadowing at the north German utility. The focus will be on indicator systems and water quality.

HAMBURG WASSER and Miyahuna concluded the visit by signing a Memorandum of Commitments (MoC). In so doing they committed themselves to a long-term partnership, the contents of which have now been defined. After this promising start, they can look forward to close cooperation.




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