Utility platform for strengthening partnerships of municipal utilities worldwide.

The New Urban Agenda of the United Nations emphasises the importance of effective municipal enterprises for sustainable, climate-resilient and inclusive urban development. The Member States are committed to taking measures that will strengthen the performance capability of water utilities.

Germany's Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) believes German municipal enterprises have an important role to play in strengthening the local delivery of basic public services in partner countries. They possess the knowledge, skills and experience needed on the ground. This is why the BMZ has initiated the pilot project: Utility platform for strengthening partnerships of municipal utilities worldwide. The pilot phase runs until 2023 and focuses on municipal water utilities.

With the utility platform, the BMZ is supporting cooperation and partnerships between municipal utilities in Germany and the Global South. Furthermore, durable structures are being established that will in future support partnerships between municipal enterprises worldwide.


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'We want to be back in dialogue now!'

'We want to be back in dialogue now!'


Stadtentwässerung Dresden maintains a utility partnership with the Lvivvodokanal water company in…

Optimisation of water treatment on site

Optimisation of water treatment on site


First fact-finding mission of German experts from HAMBURG WASSER and Netze BW Wasser to Kahama and…


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30.05.2022 - 03.06.2022

World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management


Practical Guide for the Development of Agreements or Other Arrangements for Transboundary Water Cooperation


This publication provides support to country representatives and other relevant stakeholders for the…


About us

Background and objectives

What we aim for

Partnership-based transfer of technical know-how, business and organizational knowledge.

Implementing organisations

Who we are

A pilot project of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and Engagement Global with its Service Agency Communities in One World (SKEW).


Cooperation partners

Together we are strong

The utility platform works closely with the German Water Partnership and the Association of Municipal Companies (VKU).


Our offer

What we support and how

Strengthening partnerships of municipal enterprises worldwide: professional support, networking, direct support, qualification measures, financing advice.




Our partnerships









OOWV – Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality

Germany - South Africa

Know-how transfer between North and South

Stadtentwässerung Dresden – Lvivvodokanal

Germany – Ukraine

Know-how transfer between West and East

German-Ukrainian utility partnership values dialogue between experts.

Stadtentwässerung Dresden - Ternopil Vodokanal and Nadvirna Vodokanal

Germany – Ukraine

Know-how transfer between West and East

HAMBURG WASSER – Miyahuna LLC Water Company

Germany – Jordan

Plant visits via video conferencing

German-Jordanian utility partnership gets going with an online meeting.

GELSENWASSER – Lukanga Water Supply & Sanitation Company

Germany – Zambia

Start small and achieve rapid results

Utility partnership with Zambia starts with a pilot project on an area of one square kilometre.


Hamburg Wasser – KASHWASA and KUWASA

Germany – Tanzania

Capacity development on all aspects relating to drinking water supply

German-Tanzanian operator partnership signed and about to start.